As many people have already discovered to their benefit, a log cabin can be a great addition to a garden. If you have the space, it can provide another room to your property, albeit one that isn’t part of the main building. This has its own advantages, not least when you want to escape for some peace and quiet, or if you kit it out for the kids to enjoy!

Cost is a big issue for many people looking to invest in a log cabin. It’s often assumed that log cabins are hugely expensive. Some are, to be sure, but they don’t all fall into a high-end price bracket, as you’re about to discover.

What makes a great log cabin?

A feeling of space instead of feeling closed into a small space – that has to be one of the main features of an attractive log cabin. Generous sizes aren’t the only area to consider, though. You’ll also benefit from a lot of light flooding into the cabin. While a shed doesn’t have to have windows to serve its purpose, this definitely isn’t the case for a log cabin. That’s why many of them benefit from large windows – sometimes running from the floor to the ceiling, and sometimes positioned in more than one place.

You’ll also be more likely to spot double doors for entry into the cabin, rather than a single one. This has the advantage of allowing you to open up the cabin for easy use during the summer months. Whatever you use your cabin for, having double doors you can fling open certainly increases that feeling of sitting in the garden and enjoying the space you have there.

How much would you expect to pay for a good-quality log cabin that still provides excellent value?

Avon 2.6m x 3.3m Newhaven Log Cabin

You might think prices would go into the thousands if you want to buy a decent log cabin, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Take a look at the Avon Newhaven log cabin, for example, which measures an impressive 2.6m by 3.3m in size. This provides you with a lot of floor space, and the price will still bring you change out of £1,000, too.

Once the base is installed, you simply have to order the log cabin (which comes with its own floor) and you’ll soon have the log cabin you have always wanted. The cabin can be used for all kinds of things, but it certainly makes for the ideal spot to enjoy a lazy summer’s day out of the sun.

Avon 3.5m x 2.4m Hereford Log Cabin

Another great example from the Avon range of log cabins is the Hereford log cabin. This comes in at just over £1,100 and measures 3.5m by 2.4m. One of its most appealing features is that it provides you with separate storage as well as the main area. Double glass doors lead into this main section, but you also have a third solid door that opens onto a sizeable storage area. As you can see, it might cost less than you think to have a log cabin that provides the best of all worlds.

Do you have a little more to spend?

Greenway 4m x 3.1m Carrick Log Cabin

Of course, if you want to spend more and have a log cabin you can use all year round, there are plenty of appealing options to consider that still represent excellent value for you.

Let’s take a look at the Greenway 4m by 3.1m Carrick log cabin, which again has double doors and no fewer than three long windows, two at the front and one to the side. This is the type of great-value log cabin you will want to have if you intend to use it throughout the year. This is because it can be purchased with a double cladding upgrade. This ensures less heat is lost through the walls, while none of the cold air gets into the building providing the doors and windows are kept shut. The double tongue-and-groove cladding measures 44mm thick, while the floor and roof boards are 18mm thick.

This twin-skin upgrade, as it is known, is advisable if you want a solid building that insulates you against the cold in the winter. And when you take a look at the pricing, you will see it doesn’t cost a lot more to transform your idea of a seasonal log cabin into one that can be used all year round.

It’s good to know 2016 is set to be a great year in the world of log cabins. With so many great deals to enjoy and plenty of options with regard to size, thickness of cladding and style, you are sure to find just the right log cabin for your requirements. Think about how you would like to use yours, and focus on finding the very best and most cost-effective option for your needs.