When browsing through the extensive range of garden sheds from Sheds.co.uk you will notice that each shed is named according to its size, its style and its cladding – so you can choose a 6’ x 4’ Overlap Apex Shed or a 7’ x 7’ Double Door Tongue and Groove Pent Shed and so on. The reasons for naming a shed according to its size and style are obvious: it helps you to find exactly the size and type of model that will suit the available space in your garden and your own preferences.6' x 4' Standard Overlap Apex Garden Shed7' x 7' Double Door Tongue and Groove Pent Shed

But why is a shed’s cladding so significant that Sheds.co.uk has chosen to include it in each product’s name?

The answer is that the style of cladding a shed has is a strong indicator of its overall quality and weather resistance. Consequently, it explains why each shed is priced the way it is. Two wooden sheds of equal size and style will have significantly different price points if they do not have the same cladding. A shed with overlap cladding will always be cheaper than a similar size or style shed with tongue or groove cladding.

So what’s the difference between these types of cladding and why is one more expensive than the other?

Overlap Claddingtongue & groove claddingOverlap cladding is a simpler and slightly less durable style of cladding than tongue and groove. As a result, tongue and groove cladding is able to offer greater weather resistance and protection against the infiltration of rainwater that can cause long lasting damage to a shed if it is left unchecked for a long period of time.

In overlap cladding, the timbers are placed so that they overlap one another and allow for the run-off of rainwater. In tongue and groove cladding, on the other hand, the timbers actually interlock, creating a sturdier structure with less opportunity for rainwater to get in through cracks.

Typically, the timbers in a tongue and groove clad shed will be thicker than in an overlap shed, which is one reason why tongue and groove is more expensive. The other reason is because of the added design and engineering that is involved in creating tongue and groove timbers that interlock so neatly. The principle requirement of an overlap timber, however, is that it is the right width.6' x 8' Shiplap tongue & groove shed
As a result, the part of the range that has cheap sheds for sale at Sheds.co.uk has many examples of overlap clad sheds. These are still quality sheds that are made with pressure treated wood and come with a ten year anti rot guarantee. The more deluxe sheds for sale are likely to have tongue and groove cladding for added protection against the elements.
For even more weather resistance, some wooden sheds have shiplap tongue and groove cladding, which is the style of cladding at the highest price point. It is made along the same lines as tongue and groove cladding but with the addition of a lip between the panels that acts as an extra barrier against rainwater.

Image Courtesy: diyclick2buy.com, buttercupfarm.co.uk, shedkitstore.com,