If you are considering buying a log cabin, you want to be sure it will last for as long as possible, and do its best to withstand the elements. While there are various upgrades you can invest in, one of the most important must surely relate to the roof.

One possibility available to you – if you want to go for something harder-wearing than felt – is EPDM roofing. We’ve got all the information you need here, to help you work out whether this is right for you.

What is EPDM roofing?

EPDM roofing is a type of rubber roofing material. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. This synthetic rubber is used in many scenarios, but it is well-suited for roofing solutions, since it is excellent at keeping out the elements. It is also sold in various widths and comes on a roll to be installed as required. You might also see it available in several thicknesses.

EPDM roofing weathers extremely well, so if you are looking for a roofing solution that will last for many years, this is the ideal product to consider. One study in America showed it was still performing to excellent standards three decades after installation!

Where should it be used?

The versatile nature of EPDM roofing means it is ideal for use in many different locations and scenarios. For example, some people use it for flat roofs, which can be very problematic when it comes to protecting them from leaks.

Log cabins, sheds, and other garden buildings can all be roofed with ease by using rubber roofing such as EPDM. It is easy to buy the correct size roll of rubber roofing, and the installation process is very easy, too, even if you are doing it yourself. It looks good, and continues to look good for many years after installation. It can withstand many weather conditions, so if you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, snow, wind, rain, and even heat in the summer, this type of roofing is ideal.

Why is it better than felt roofing solutions?

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Felt roofing is often chosen as the preferred roofing material for many buildings. While it is relatively cheap and easy to install, it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as EPDM roofing. When it is subjected to contrasting weather conditions over time, it tends to perish. Even the smallest hole is enough to cause a leak, and while this can be patched, it doesn’t look good. Eventually, the entire roofing material will need to be replaced.

Once you work out the likely cost of doing this every few years, you’ll see the EPDM roofing solution is very cost-effective indeed.

Choosing your log cabin with better roofing

Greenway Pent Roof Log Cabins

Many log cabins can be purchased with this upgrade in place. For example, most of the Greenway Pent Roof Cabins can be upgraded to include the EPDM roofing option. A pent roof is one that has just one slope, and is higher on the side of the shed or log cabin that has the entry door(s). This means all the rain will run off the shed roof and off the back of it.

It also means your rubber roofing is easy to install, as you only require one flat sheet of it to cover the roof. You don’t have an apex portion of the shed roof to consider.

When you make a log cabin purchase, you want to be sure it will last many years and provide a place to work, entertain, or relax in your garden. Just imagine what would happen if you chose a felt roofing solution for your log cabin. It won’t last anywhere near as long as the EPDM roofing alternative, and if it were to leak, this could cause significant damage. It might damage the fabric of the log cabin itself, not to mention causing water to run onto the contents of your log cabin, perhaps ruining those as well. Water ingress can run along roof beams and along to the sides of the cabin, possibly causing damage in areas far from the original leak, too. It’s surprising what can happen in these instances.

Enjoy your log cabin for many pleasant years

what is EPDM roofing

When you are investing in a smart log cabin to add to your garden, it makes sense to invest in the best one you can. While you can choose a cheaper log cabin to fulfil your needs, it doesn’t pay well to skimp on the roofing material. Even if you don’t choose to upgrade any other features of your cabin, it makes sense to get the best and longest-lasting roofing material you can.

And since this rubber roofing material is easy to install, it won’t take any longer to get your cabin finished and ready to use and enjoy.