Would you believe us if we told you there was a garden feature you could buy that would only get better with age? It might sound unbelievable but in fact it is anything but.

We’re talking about a wooden garden arch, of course, as we revealed in the title. A wooden arch can serve all kinds of purposes, so while it might seem to simply sit in place, it has far more to offer than you might at first think.

Creating additional interest

Could your garden do with sprucing up a little, and offering something new? A wooden arch is the perfect choice for many types and sizes of garden.

For example, it works beautifully if you want to break up your garden into different areas and sections. A large garden can look dull if all you have is a large lawn with regimental beds on either side. Try adding a wooden arch off-centre, however, with a hedge or flower bed on either side, and your garden immediately takes on a whole new look.

Hartwood Lambeth Garden Arch

You may think it wouldn’t be a good idea to add an arch like this in a smaller garden, but you’d be wrong. After all, the arch itself doesn’t have to lead anywhere. Just picture this Hartwood Lambeth garden arch positioned a few feet in front of a wall, for example, or angled in front of a corner. If you grow some plants and foliage around it, you could give the impression your garden goes back even further than it actually does. On the other hand, it could provide the gateway to a secluded table and chairs, ready for a pleasant coffee to be enjoyed with your loved one.

How many other ideas could you come up with?

Great for climbing plants

Some people purchase these arches for the specific purpose of growing climbing plants up the sides. Some arches, such as the Rowlinson round-top arch for example, have trellis forming the side panels for this specific purpose. Over time, a rose or other climbing plant can be trained up the sides, enabling you to soften the appearance of the arch and make it look better than ever.

It’s possible to grow something up an arch that will be there all year round. However, you might also want to try something that only grows once a year. sweet peas are a great idea, as they generally come back year after year. You could also opt for real peas or even climbing bean plants, if you want to get creative with your vegetables!

Available in a variety of styles

The great thing about garden arches (or at least one of the great things about them) is that you can choose from a whole host of styles. For example, some are quite plain, like the Rowlinson rustic arch, and will therefore be ideal for minimalist-style gardens. On the other hand, you could get something larger with a flat top that has a far more traditional look. A good example would be the Hartwood Camden garden arch.

Hartwood Camden Garden Arch

Many of the arches are pressure-treated before being made available to buy. This means you won’t have to worry about painting or staining it to protect it from the weather. You can get cheaper arches that aren’t pressure-treated, but this method of protection is best. Imagine trying to stain yours each year to protect it – especially if you have plants growing up it. It would be virtually impossible, which is why pressure-treating is an excellent idea.

How would your garden look with a wooden arch built into the design?

If you want to create a truly pleasing garden, especially by breaking it up into different areas, a garden arch is a lovely way to achieve this aim. With a little creativity and the chance to install an arch with ease anywhere in your garden you have room for it, this is a quick way to make a significant change.

Easy installation is possible because the legs of these arches are designed to sink directly into the ground. While they come flat-packed for ease of delivery, they generally consist of three or four sections. The exact appearance of the flat-pack you choose will depend on the arch you buy. However, you should find you can put it together in very little time.

Once the arch is constructed and in place, it will be very solid indeed. You can then set to work figuring out which plants you want nearby. You could even add a raised bed on either side of the arch if you like. This would provide the perfect place in which to grow whatever you intend to train over the arch.

With this many ideas to go on, you could soon be looking at an impressive arch in your own garden.