For most, a garden shed is simply a storage space for your garden tools, garden furniture, bikes and equipment. But if you’re a more serious gardener, or are looking for more storage options for work or a hobby, then a wooden workshop is the right choice for you.

Wooden Workshops can offer endless ideas for use, with a range of sizes, designs and structures. For example, if you’re self-employed, instead of renting a workspace and commuting to work why not save time and money and invest in your own workshop?

Similarly, if you’re an artist, the large space, the aroma of natural materials and being in your garden can give you the creativity and practicality that you need.

Furthermore, for mechanics this can be a great facility for working on your own car or others. As you can see the list in endless…

So, with a wide variety of wooden workshops for sale, which is the right choice for you?

Wooden WorkshopStarting with the smallest and cheapest of wooden workshops, a 10′ x 10′ is bigger than your average garden shed and perfect for domestic use. It can also come with large, sturdy and easily accessible double doors, allowing simple maneuvrability of equipment and machinery.

Increasing slightly in size and price, a 15′ x 10′ workshop provides more space and build quality. A good choice of timber for this size of shed is Baltic sourced pine – it’s slow grown and therefore denser and heavier than domestic timber, adding extra strength. This can be further enhanced by installing double framed corners and solid sheet roofing and floor materials.

Finally, a 20′ x 10′ wooden workshop offers maximum workshop capabilities. Ideal for larger garden spaces and supplying increased volumes of storage, this is the shed for any workman/groundsman.

Many wooden workshops are also available with special features or the option of additional extras:

Wooden Workshop WindowAn apex style roof is the optimal selection, allowing increased internal headroom, space for taller storage items, or a hanging area to permit more floor space;

Styrene glazed windows allow plenty of natural light into the wooden workshop and are a safer, shatter proof alternative to glass;

Multiple windows, double door openings, extra security, skylights and potting benches add convenience, accessibility, light and reliability.

With their impressive size and many mod-con features, these wooden workshops are just a small step away from a summerhouse. Certainly, they provide a luxury focal point for your garden and a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy your work or hobby – especially during the summer!

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