Of all of the different options of garden sheds available, metal sheds are among the most cost effective and durable. At Sheds.co.uk we are proud to include Europe’s number one metal sheds manufacturer, Yardmaster, as one of our key suppliers. The inclusion of Yardmaster’s sheds on our roster means that we are able to supply our customers with great value and high quality metal sheds at extremely competitive prices. There are a great many advantages to having a metal shed in your garden, and the superior design and build of Yardmaster’s products means that the metal sheds for sale on our website are the very best available.

The benefits of metal sheds

As a cheaper alternative to the wooden variety, metal sheds represent excellent value for money. If you need a garden storage solution that will provide security, durability and virtually no maintenance whatsoever, a metal shed is exactly what you are looking for. Easy to put up, and able to stand anywhere in the garden provided the base is level and solid, there are very few obstacles to having one installed. Other than an occasional hose down, metal sheds don’t require any maintenance. They won’t rot and they won’t get damp. Rodents and termites have no chance of penetrating a metal shed, and they are also almost completely fire retardant. For cheap sheds with a long future of secure storage, metal is the ideal choice of material.

Yardmaster sheds

 Apex Metal Garden ShedRecognised as Europe’s leading manufacturer of metal garden sheds and garages, Yardmaster has a thirty-year pedigree of producing high quality products. Included in the range of products available at Sheds.co.uk are metal sheds made with hot dipped galvanised steel coated with baked on permanent colour finish for a strong and durable surface that won’t corrode – all sheds come with a 10-year anti rust guarantee.

The robust structure of these sheds makes them secure and dependable storage facilities; double sliding doors help to keep out wind and rain. The apex roofs provide extra headroom, and some have translucent roof panels to help keep the interior well lit. Anchor kits are included with the purchase so you won’t have any trouble securing your new metal shed to the ground. Other features include hemmed edges for a smoother finish, and roof ridges that provide ventilation. All of Yardmaster’s sheds meet the necessary fire regulations and are completely rodent proof – so you never need to worry about anything happening to your precious garden tools and equipment.

For more information about the Yardmaster products available at Sheds.co.uk visit Metal Sheds.