Shed Installation Diary - January 2018

Welcome to the first of our new Installation Diaries in which we give you an insight in to the day to day operations of our professional shed installation team.

This month we have featured some of our favourite shed installations from what was a difficult month battling against the elements. We have also Included a step by step installation of an Adley 5m x 3m Leicestershire Log Cabin to give you an idea of how a log cabin is constructed.

The weather is always a constant source of problems when it comes to delivering and constructing garden buildings and the last month has challenged our installation teams with everything from heavy snow storms to extremely strong winds. However as you can see in our featured image we were still able to get to many locations and successfully install sheds despite the bad weather.

Shed Installations

The Adley 6' x 8' Double Door Overlap Apex Shed has proven a popular product this month, no doubt because of it's ample size and fantastic price point. The above images depict both windowed and windowless versions that have been installed this month. The customers have chosen to use different bases for their sheds, wooden and slabs, both of which are fine provided they are flat and installed correctly. All that's left for the customers to do now is give the sheds a quick coat of wood preservative and they will be all done.

Adley 10' x 6' Overlap Reverse Apex Shed

Deciding to have a reverse apex shed installed instead of the traditional style can prove to be the perfect choice for your home. Having the door on the side of the shed has allowed Mr Edwards to purchase a larger unit, making the most of his available garden space.

Adley 6' x 3' Overlap Apex Shed
Hartwood 7' x 5' Double Door Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Shed

If you're looking for a traditional apex design but are still wanting to maximise the size of your shed whilst ensuring easy access then choosing a product that is wider than it is deep could be the alternative for you. The above customers selected to do just that in order to keep their gardens looking great whilst incorporating a practical shed. The first shed featured is a Hartwood 7' x 5' Double Door Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Shed and the second is a Adley 6' x 3' Overlap Apex Shed. Both have a side window for added natural light and the wide door spaces offer easy access to all areas of the sheds. It just goes to show that selecting your type of shed based on your garden layout is always the best cause of action.

Log Cabin Installations

Choosing whether or not to install your own log cabin is a big decision, especially if you've not taken on any big garden projects before. In order to help you decide we've put together a brief step by step guide of the processes involved.

How to Install an Adley 5m x 3m Leicestershire Log Cabin

How to Install a Log Cabin

We went along with one of our installation teams to see how they constructed a cabin from start to finish and documented their progress. They were installing an Adley 5m x 3m Leicestershire Log Cabin, one of our larger models. Some aspects of the build may vary from cabin to cabin so always consult the instructions when constructing your garden building.

Before you even begin constructing your log cabin you will need to make sure you have a suitable base. It is always recommended to use a concrete surface for your base but it is possible to use alternatives such as timber or steel frames. More information on bases can be found on our Base Preparation page.

Step 1 - Once your base is in place you can begin constructing the frame on which to build the log cabin. Lay out and connect the timbers using the fixings provided and then begin building up the walls of the cabin as shown in picture1.

Tool Tip You should always use a rubber hammer to connect the tongue and groove timbers in order to prevent damages.

Step 2 - As soon as you have built the side and rear walls up to the height of the eaves you can begin installing the double door frame and windows using the shorter timbers provided. This is where having two people involved in the construction becomes most beneficial as one is able to support the window while the other installs the timbers. This way you make sure you avoid any agonising breakages. It is suggested to leave installing the doors until last to allow easy access in to the cabin during the remainder of the build.

Step 3 - Now you have the window and door frames in place finish the remainder of the front and rear walls to create the apex before joining the two with the roofing beams as seen in picture 3. Once the beams are fixed in place install the roofing boards and fit the high quality felt lengths on top before finishing the roof with the stylish barge board and finial.

Step 4 - With the roof completed you can turn your attention toward laying the timber floor boards on top of the interior framework. Both the roof and floor timbers are constructed using the same tongue and groove joints to make the installation as easy as possible. Finally fit the double doors to the frame in order to complete the log cabin build.

Step 5 - As with any wooden building there may be the odd knot that needs filling or edge that requires a light sanding so go round your cabin and make sure the building is pristine before giving it a coat or two of preservative to finish the job.

After Care -The cabin is fitted with storm braces and over the next few months you may need to go back and adjust these as the wood contract and expands in order to prevent any gaps appearing in the timbers. It is also important to keep up with the recommended re-treatments on your preservative in order to get the full expected lifetime of the log cabin.

Hopefully this little step by step guide has helped you gain a little more knowledge about how to install a log cabin and whether or not you wish to remove the stress of the build by employing the services of our installation team. Whatever you decide we hope you enjoy your new log cabin for years to come.

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