Welcome back to our series of Installation Diaries in which we give you an insight in to the day to day operations of our professional shed installation team. In this month's diary we will look at some installations of log cabins, sheds and summerhouses throughout autumn period as it is a period of garden clean up and many customers are taking an action on their decisions to buy a shed (or any garden building for that matter).

Following on from last time, we have another step by step build to show you to give you a further idea of our install processes.

Finally we have an insight into one of our customer's finished log cabin interior to spark some inspiration for your own interior planning.

Sheds Installation Gallery

Plastic Sheds: As we already mentioned, autumn is quite a busy period for our customers who are looking to store away all their gardening tools. A lot of the time a wooden shed is what you are most likely to see in British gardens, however, plastic sheds are also a great choice, particularly if you want a maintenance free shed. In this case, you would be happy to hear that our installation teams also specialise in the installation of plastic sheds and this option is available to you when making a purchase. Here are examples from three customers who decided to have a plastic shed installed by ourselves.

These sheds feature plastic shed panels made from Polycarbonate which is consumed mostly in the public and industrial sectors, where there is need to meet the highest quality standards. Polycarbonate sheets are flexible and very easy to carry, yet retain high quality and strength for many years, without changing the colour or shape which means you don't have to apply any special treatments to your shed and enjoy hassle-free quality storage. All three customers have chosen plastic sheds with a skylight which makes these sheds extremely practical. The polycarbonate skylight roof has safe opaque external visibility and prevents harmful UV rays from entering the shed and damaging your stored items.

Workshop Sheds: For those of our customers who need the extra space, workshop sheds are perfect solution. These sheds provide greater storage space, better head space and are perfect for DIY, home business or other hobbies and interests that require you to have your own secluded space. Multiple windows, double door openings, extra security, skylights and potting benches add convenience, accessibility, light and reliability. Below are two images of workshop we currently have on offer.

Summerhouses and Log Cabin Installation Gallery

In this month's diary we decided to combine Summerhouses and Log Cabins into one section. You may think that summerhouses are not the type of garden building you'd choose to erect just before winter but summer houses and log cabins are perfect buildings to use for leisure or home offices not only throughout the summer months but all year round. All buildings in this month's diary have an incredibly practical feature - an overhang. An overhang not only makes your garden building look beautiful, it also shelters and protects from the elements. You may think a garden building has to have an overhang or veranda of a certain size for it to be worth having. Yet you’d be surprised how compact some of them are. The Adley 8' x 11' Cornwall Summer House, for example, comes not only with an overhang but with a complete veranda, which adds an extra twist to this garden building. This gives you a fully covered area at the front, with double doors leading into the summer house itself. Additionally, each windowed door has a half-window to the side, letting in plenty of light if you decide to sit inside. Would any of these fantastic options suit your garden?

Log Cabin with a Bespoke Base Installation

Installing a Greenway 3m x 2.5m Elizabeth Log Cabin

Greenway 3m x 2.5m Elizabeth Log Cabin Installation

We went along with one of our installation teams to see how they construct one of our log cabins. The Greenway 3m x 2.5m Elizabeth Log Cabin is a high quality cabin manufactured from chalet style, corner connecting, wind tight, 44mm double tongue & groove cladding, ideal for customers wanting a traditional looking log cabin that'd be perfect as a home office, extra bedroom or just an extra space in the garden.

As with all log cabin constructions this build started with the installation of a suitable base. You can choose one of our base offerings with your cabin purchase and install this yourself before our installers arrive to install your garden building or you can work on already existing base. Always make sure to check if existing base is levelled before our installers arrive, otherwise consult our sales team with any queries you may have. Our team also offers a Base Preparation Service if you don't have the ability or don't feel confident to prepare your base yourself. This customer worked together with our sales and installation team to prepare a bespoke timber base, tailored to the customer's needs as the cabin is placed onto a slightly sloped terrain. If you wish to discuss the option of having a custom base from Sheds.co.uk then please Contact Us today and get started on your new garden building.

Once the installation team have prepared the custom base, they first lay out and fit together the floor bearers and put in place the first row of timbers. They then carefully construct the cabin row by row, incorporating the spaces for the windows and doors.

With all the sides assembled the team add the roof supports before adding the boards, felt and barge boards. In this case, the customer chose shingles instead of roof felt as roof shingles are ideal for giving the appearance of highly decorative tiled roof finish adding to the traditional appearance of the cabin. Please note that fitting of shingles is not included with the home installation service unless stated otherwise, so always double check with our sales team. The next job is to fit the windows and doors into place using the adjustable hinges provided to make sure the doors are level. These can be adjusted at any time if necessary. Finally the floor boards are added to the interior to finish the main cabin. Floor boards should always be done last to prevent them being scuffed or damaged during construction.

With the installation finished all that's left for the customer to do is treat and decorate the cabin in any way they wish to create their perfect garden building.

Garden Building Decorating

As we said, the last thing left to do after installation is finished, is for customer to decorate their cabin and add finishing touches. We received some images of a customer's Adley 3.3m x 2.6m Newhaven Log Cabin that has been treated, painted in two different colours for added contrast that will definitely catch your eye, and furnished. The customer added curtains to their cabin, rugs and sofas to create a cosy and warm seating area which seems to be the perfect place for reading, studying or just relaxing. You may have noticed that electricity has been added for lighting which proves to be very useful especially in autumn and winter months, when there's not enough light outside. In case you are interested in adding electricity to your garden building, you can read one of our blog posts which advises you on how to tackle this task in the right way. We loved this submission and decided it was worth sharing to inspire everyone who's thinking of purchasing a garden building.

Please note: Adding electricity to your building may count as customisation and may affect your warranty. We advise you to contact the supplier before you decide to action such work.

All images are for illustrative purposes only. All dimensions are approximate and may vary with manufacturers tolerances. Dimensions contained within product names are approximate, for guidance purposes only. Unless otherwise stated, all measurements are overall including roof overhangs where applicable.

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