Metal Sheds Buying Guide

Metal sheds look great in all kinds of gardens. They come in a variety of sizes and provide a practical way to solve any garden storage issues you might have. If you’re unsure how you should choose the ideal metal shed for your needs, don’t worry. We have a Metal Sheds Buying Guide for you right here – one that is sure to answer any questions you may have.

How can you Choose the Ideal Metal Shed for Your Needs?

Size will be a key factor here. Go into your garden and decide where you want to position your new shed. Next, measure the available space and work out how big your shed could be without intruding into other parts of your garden. If you have a large garden and you have more than one spot you could position a shed in, consider the practicalities offered by each. This should help you make the right decision.

It might also be worthwhile to make a list of everything you want to put in there. Do you have bikes to store in your shed as well as garden equipment? What about garden chairs? The last thing you want is to order a shed that is too small. It’s always better to order the biggest size you can comfortably accommodate.

Great-Quality Materials Used for Every Metal Shed in our Range

If you’re concerned about metal rusting in the rain, don’t worry. The metal used in the construction of these sheds is treated to ensure it gives many years of excellent-quality use with no corrosion. Indeed, they will come with a long guarantee so you’ll be covered whichever shed you decide to buy.

Some metal sheds also come complete with guttering, to help direct water away from the roof and the sides of the building. In this case, you could also invest in a water butt to store that water to use on your garden.

Other features can include translucent roof panels to let in light, and lockable doors. As you can see, there are many reasons to get a metal shed.

Two Roof Types

You’ve got a chance to choose one of two roof types when you order a metal shed:


A pent roof is basically one that has just one sloping surface. It generally slopes towards the back of the shed to send any rain away from the front doors


An apex roof consists of two panels. They come together in a peak at the top, and each panel slopes away towards one side of the roof. Therefore, the doors will be at one end of the shed, at one of the peak ends.

Two Main Types of Appearance for the Walls

The walls of a metal shed will generally come in one of two guises. The first type has vertical panels that are attached to the ones on either side. When the shed is erected, these provide great sturdiness and stability.

The other option is to get a metal shed that has shiplap-style panels. These are the same as those used in wooden sheds. The panels run horizontally, with each panel overlapping the one underneath it, and so on down to the floor.

Both give a great performance; it’s really just a case of which style you like the most. Some of the shiplap-style designs come in a wood-effect finish, giving you the appearance of a wooden shed with none of the upkeep and maintenance.

What are the Advantages of Metal Sheds?

Wood, plastic or metal – sheds come in all kinds of different materials. So why would you opt for a metal shed?

In reality, there are lots of reasons why you might do this. For example, metal sheds are a great option if you don’t want the ongoing hassle of maintenance. Every shed we sell is rust-proof and comes with a long guarantee. This means your metal shed will continue to look good in the years to come, as well as the day you first construct it.

If you do decide to get a metal shed, it is important to choose one of excellent quality. Fortunately, we have done all the hard work for you here at Our collection of metal sheds is of very high quality, which means you can always be certain of great security and good looks for many years. Indeed, security is a major issue with garden sheds, and metal ones can be much harder for someone to break into. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about fire damage with a metal shed. While a fire would take out a wooden shed in no time, a metal one will remain standing.

In the end, if you want a practical, affordable and good-looking shed, a metal one could be just what you need.

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