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Plastic Sheds Buying Guide

High-quality plastic sheds can be purchased today from However, before you buy, you’ll need to work out which model will work best for you and for your garden. We’ve put together a convenient Plastic Sheds Buying Guide to help steer you through the process. By the end, you’ll be more confident of which plastic shed will be perfect for your requirements.

Which Shed will be Ideal for You?

A shed of any kind is a big purchase. You’ll be using it for many years to come, which means it is worth considering all the options. For example, size matters a great deal. Firstly, you have to work out the amount of space you have in your garden. Our plastic sheds range from a compact 6’ x 3’ size to a 6’ x 12’ option. You may have more than one spot in your garden that could accommodate a shed; on the other hand, you might be restricted to just one place. In any event, measure up carefully and see which plastic shed would fit.

Think too about the items you wish to store inside it, and whether you need storage for the whole family, or just for yourself. You can easily fit shelving inside one of these sheds, regardless of the size you buy. However, you may need space to accommodate bikes, a lawn mower and also a range of other gardening equipment. By assessing the number of items you have to store in it before you buy one, you’ll be better-placed to make the right decision.

Excellent Materials, Great Quality

Don’t be put off by the word ‘plastic’ – the outstanding quality of the materials used for each of the Palram-branded sheds in our range is second-to-none. The panels are made from polycarbonate, which is tough enough to stand up to a wide range of weather conditions. These plastic sheds do not have any windows – instead, they benefit from a polycarbonate skylight roof. This means light can be let into the shed throughout the day, while simultaneously preventing UV rays from getting in.

The frame of the shed is sturdy and reliable, being made from galvanised steel and aluminium. Both the single- and double-door models come with a pad bolt lock for additional security and peace-of-mind. Add in the air vents and you’ll see this is a practical shed to add to your garden.

Easy Grip Floor Comes as Standard

Another key advantage of opting for a plastic shed from the Palram range at is the inclusion of an Easy Grip Floor. This minimises the odds of slipping over on it as you enter or exit the shed – even when the floor is wet. Of course, the floor is also superbly easy to sweep and clean whenever required.

In addition, there is a threshold ramp built into the design. No more struggling to get a lawn mower or bicycle into the shed, thanks to this smart addition.

A Range of Colour Options

Buying a plastic shed means you’ll never need to worry about painting, staining or treating it in any way. You’ll also be pleased to hear we have a great range of colours to choose from.


This is a nice medium shade of brown – very natural for any garden setting. If you like your garden to be rustic and you have a wooden fence or some trees nearby, you might like the way this colour blends into the background.


For something a little different, the light grey of this shed really fits the bill. The interior is also nice and light and appealing, with a darker, more practical floor.

Olive Green

If you’d prefer sticking to natural shades in your garden, this nice shade of olive green will definitely suit. The natural tone works well with planting and other neutral shades.

What are the Advantages of a Plastic Shed?

If you hate maintenance, you’ll love a plastic shed. It won’t rust or wear, and you won’t be faced with the task of painting or staining it at regular intervals, either. You can simply wash it down if need be from time to time.

They also offer you superb value for money, as you can see. Our range of plastic sheds at also comes complete with sensational discounts on each and every model. This means you can truly get a lot more for your money than you may at first assume.

In short, for storage purposes, value for money and maintenance-free perks, a plastic shed delivers on all counts. When you have a nice level base on which to construct it, the actual process of putting it together shouldn’t take that long if you have someone to help you. Then you can enjoy making good use of your brand new plastic shed.