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Playhouses Buying Guide

If you want your children to ditch the screens and spend more time outdoors enjoying the garden and experiencing the beauty of nature then a garden playhouse is the perfect solution. Sheds.co.uk has a wide selection of high quality wooden playhouses, designed to suit children of different ages, and to fit well in all kinds of gardens. Here is our Playhouses Buying Guide to help you find the perfect choice for you, your children and your garden.

Having a well-made and reliable playhouse will not only give your children an extra place to play, but will also provide them with a garden space they can make their own and encourage them to spend more time outdoors. With a well-chosen wooden playhouse, the opportunities for creative play are endless, but there are some important factors to consider when making your selection.

Playhouse Safety

A garden playhouse must be sturdy and secure and have every bit as much structural integrity as any other garden building. With tongue and groove cladding in which the timbers interlock to produce a smooth, weather resistant exterior wall, you can be sure that the wooden playhouses available at Sheds.co.uk will stand up to adverse weather conditions. Single sheet board floors and roofs also add to the playhouses’ sturdiness. For your peace of mind, all Sheds.co.uk playhouses are tested and approved for the EN-71 European safety standard for toys. All windows are glazed with styrene - a 100% shatterproof material. As an extra safety measure, many playhouses have a 12mm gap between the doors and their frames, so that little fingers will not be trapped.

Age-Appropriate Playhouses and Different Styles of Wooden Playhouses

The Sheds.co.uk selection encompasses playhouses that are appropriate for all ages. The 4’ x 4’ Jellytot Cosy Playhouse is ideal for children aged from three years and up. Slightly older children will get a great deal of enjoyment from a playhouse with a raised level, like the 4’ x 4’ Jellytot Fortress Playhouse, whereas children aged seven and up can benefit from the endless possibilities for adventurous play offered by a playhouse with two floors such as the 7’ x 7’ Jellytot Dutch Barn Playhouse with Veranda.

The Sheds.co.uk range also includes playhouses with additional features and a wide variety of design styles. There are models with verandas, slides and swings attached, as well as traditional Dutch barn style and windmill playhouses, and even a wigwam-shaped playhouse. For budding gardeners, there is also a potting shed design that combines the excitement of a playhouse with the practical functions of a mini greenhouse.

When choosing your playhouse, it is worth bearing in mind that these wooden structures are built to last, and this is a garden toy that your child will potentially be getting a lot of enjoyment from for many years to come.

Installation and Treatment of Wooden Playhouses

After you have chosen the wooden playhouse that will best suit you and your children, the next decision is whether you want to build it yourself or have it installed for you. Your playhouse can be delivered to your door in as little as 48 hours, the only question is whether you would like us to take on the hassle of assembling it for you. With our home installation service we can provide safe and quick assembly. Prices vary according to the size of the job; please see each playhouse’s page for more details.

Where to Place a Playhouse

It is a good idea to place your new playhouse in a position where it can be easily seen from the house. You will also need to make sure that it is on a solid and level surface. Bear in mind that while most wooden playhouses for sale at Sheds.co.uk come with single sheet solid floors, some models at the lower end of the price scale, like the 4’ x 3’ Jellytot Mini Playhouse, do not include a floor. Other fortress-style models are set on a firm timber tower and will need space for the step ladder.

Great Wooden Playhouses at Reasonable Prices from Sheds.co.uk

Despite being made with the best materials, the garden playhouses for sale at Sheds.co.uk are available at very reasonable prices and come with free 7-day delivery to mainland UK addresses.