Have you ever thought about saving money with your garden? Whatever shape or size of plot you have, it could be easier than you think to get it to work for you.

Maybe you think of your garden more in terms of a nice place to relax and enjoy the sun during the warmer months. However, you could benefit from it in other ways too, as we’re about to find out.

What can you use your garden for?

Growing fruit and vegetables would be the obvious choice. Even with a small plot, you can grow more than you think. Start by creating a plan for the space. There is no point growing things you won’t eat, or that take up all the space you have. But there are plenty of things that can be grown when you get creative and invest in some items to help you along the way.

For example, Raised Beds can be put directly onto concrete if you don’t have an area of lawn or soil to place them on. Once lined (with holes in for drainage) and filled with soil, you can happily grow all kinds of things in there.

Another good example is a Cold Frame, as this will help you start your young plants off well-protected from the changeable spring weather. Other plants can be sown from seed directly in the soil, such as peas and carrots, for instance.

Think of items as investments in healthy home growing. There is nothing better than going out into your garden and picking some fresh salad to use, whether it’s as a garnish or as part of a tossed salad to serve alongside a meal. Once you have some experience, you’ll know the difference between the flavour of shop-bought fruits and vegetables and those you grow yourself at home.

Palram 6' x 4' Mythos Silver Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Another option to consider if you have the space is a greenhouse. A Polycarbonate Greenhouse, such as the Palram 6’ by 4’ Mythos model, is the perfect solution to extending the growing season and making your garden work even harder for you. UV rays are kept out, while it allows for 70% light transmission and creates a nice warm environment ideal for growing tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables that need a warmer setting.

When you’ve invested in the initial equipment – and it’s up to you how much or little you get – you can look forward to an abundance of fruit and veggies to last throughout the year, every year from now on. Wouldn’t that be great – not to mention saving you money on your grocery bills?

Working from home

More people than ever are working from home. The perks are obvious, and while it doesn’t suit everyone, it’s easier to do it nowadays thanks to the internet.

The only trouble is, we don’t all have homes big enough to allow for a room to be converted into a home office. It might be possible to use a corner of a room for your desk and computer, but you will never completely be able to switch off if you do that.

Hartwood 8' x 10' Double Door Overlap Apex Workshop

Perhaps that’s why some people have opted to work in their garden, instead. No, we don’t mean sitting outside when the weather is good (although that is a nice option). We mean converting a garden shed to use as a home office. This is ideal if you are looking to save on rent – something you would certainly pay if you were looking to work elsewhere.

A shed can be generously-sized and offer a good range of windows to let light flood in, too. The Hartwood 8’ by 10’ Double-Door Apex Workshop would be ideal as a home office. If you have an electrician run a supply out to the building and kit out the inside to make it more appealing, you could work out there without being disturbed.

If you’ve got the room, you could also move up a notch and invest in a Home Office Log Cabin instead. These are more robust and generally have thicker walls, while some models have verandas on the outside as well, making the building look more appealing. You can paint or stain it to ensure it settles into its surroundings, or make it stand out. The choice is yours.

How will you get the most from your garden?

With a chance to work from home or grow your own produce – or both – you can see how easy it would be to transform your garden from an unused outdoor space to one that works for you. How might you transform your garden so it becomes a crucial part of your home?

Now you know how easy it is to do, it may just make you look at your garden in a whole new way.