Garden furniture can fulfil many purposes. It can look good as well as being entirely practical. Well-chosen garden furniture can turn any garden into another room to enjoy – albeit one that is outdoors.

If you’re wondering what the best furniture for your garden would be, we have some suggestions that may help you figure out the answers.

Different Types of Garden Furniture

Garden furniture falls into all kinds of categories:

As you can see, some items have more than one use, whereas others are designed for one purpose only. When thinking about furnishing your own garden, consider the space you have and how best to make use of it.

Do you want somewhere comfortable to sit near to the house, or are you looking to create a cosy corner elsewhere, where no one will easily see you? Deciding what you want to do in your garden will help influence which furniture items you want to put where.

Think style and visual appeal as well as practicality

Redlands Planter Bench

The best piece of garden furniture must surely be the item that looks sensational, catches the eye, fits in seamlessly with its surroundings, and serves a purpose. In fact, some items can serve more than one purpose, as we’re about to show you.

The Redlands Planter Bench gives away its dual purpose in its name. This item is designed with a large bench spanning two chunky planters, each big enough to hold a small tree or an assortment of flowering plants. The height means you could have flowers tumbling over the edge of each. And what better place to sit and appreciate them than right in the middle on the bench itself?

This planter bench becomes even more versatile when you realise there is an Extension Pack to go with it. You can either extend it further in the same direction to provide an extra-long bench with three planters, or extend it at right angles to one of the original planter ends. Whatever you do, it can provide ample seating and a way to break up a larger garden if you wish.

Creating a Relaxed Seating Area

Mayfair 5 Seater Rattan Lounge Corner Sofa Set - Grey

You’ll see rattan popping up a lot in the garden, because it is a beautiful material that withstands all weathers very well indeed. If you regularly entertain, or you simply want enough seating for all the family, you could get a corner seating unit to suit.

The Mayfair 5 Seater Rattan Lounge Corner Sofa Set comes in a gorgeous shade of grey. Not only that, you get a modern table to complete the set, topped with a layer of tempered glass for a smooth and level surface that is easy to wipe clean.

A corner sofa and table set is practical as well as beautiful, as we’ve seen. But if you want something similar that could seat more people, the same range has a 6 Seater Set with even more to offer. This option has a larger table included, along with three ottomans to provide further seating if required. This shows how easy it is to seat lots of people in your garden for those family BBQs and other celebrations.

Occasional Seating

Rowlinson Hampton Companion Garden Seat

Of course, you may want the option of sitting down elsewhere in your garden, perhaps for a short rest following some digging or planting. This is where practical garden furniture comes in. However, just because you need something practical, it doesn’t mean it can’t still look good. For instance, you can get a chunky Sleeper Bench built to provide a sturdy yet simple design. Perfect for perching on with that well-earned cup of tea, it doesn’t overwhelm its surroundings. Furthermore, you can paint or stain it to blend into its surroundings or stand out as much as you want it to – whatever suits your needs.

Even if you have ample seating near your home, you may still want somewhere to escape to, perhaps with a loved one. There is much to be said for a cosy corner somewhere in your garden, if you have a spot that would be suited to this idea. A Companion Garden Seat is like a hidden treasure, tucked away elsewhere in your garden, only to be used by the two of you, or alone if you wish. The neat design provides two chairs joined by a two-level table, leaving plenty of room for an indulgent cream tea or even just a good book to read and a cool drink.

As you can see, the best furniture for your garden could come in a wide variety of styles and options. It all depends what you are looking for and whether you want it to stand out or retreat into the background. What would suit your little slice of paradise?