Deciding to buy a log cabin is a major decision. It’s also something you want to get right. Before you can get the log cabin installed, you must get a proper base in place. You wouldn’t build a house on top of weak foundations; the same applies when constructing a log cabin for your garden.

What kinds of log cabin bases can you choose from?

There are two basic types that would work for this size garden building:

Paving slabs might seem the better option as you can buy however many you need and lay them side-by-side on level ground. However, they’re not as easy to level off as concrete, which is the other (and better) option to go for.

Paving slabs do work well for small sheds, as you usually only need a few of them to complete the base. The bigger the building, the more beneficial it will be to go for concrete instead.

How to lay a base

In every case, you must start with level ground. Unless you are very fortunate, you’ll have to dig out turf and possibly even some earth to create a level foundation.

If you decide to lay slabs, every single one must be levelled and checked before moving on to the next one. Overall, the entire base must also be level, otherwise there could be gaps and an uneven surface that wouldn’t be suitable for a shed, log cabin or anything else.

A concrete base is more complex and takes longer to dry, but is by far the best option. Concrete bases are also better for large garden buildings such as log cabins. The concrete is mixed and poured into the required area, and is then levelled off with a flat piece of wood and left to set. Once solid, it provides the ideal base on which to erect your log cabin.

In most cases, it only takes about a day to lay the base. It takes longer to wait for the concrete base to set solid, but as we have seen, it provides a better-quality surface on which to build a large garden building if this is what you have in mind.

Smart reasons to opt for a base installation service

Base Installation Service

When you decide to have a new garden building of any kind, it’s easy to opt for the DIY route. After all, it will save you money, correct?

It can do, but it can also cost you a lot – in time, headaches and hassle. Firstly, you must know which materials you need and where to get them from. How many sources will you try so you can get the best price? Will you collect your supplies or have them delivered? And what about quality? How do you know you will have the best quality materials you can get?

Let’s assume you get over all those hurdles and you have your materials ready to use. There are still other challenges to overcome. For example, you must find a day in your schedule to get the base laid. In fact, you may need more than a day if you have no prior experience of laying a base. Few people would get the job done in the same time a professional would. It’s also far more difficult to mix concrete, pour and level it on your own, and to do it all in a day, than it would be for an expert.

When you add in the challenge of finding enough time in your diary to do it to begin with, you can see how beneficial it would be to opt for a Professional Base Preparation Service instead of trying to take on the job yourself.

Use our preparation service to save you a major headache

If you’ve found the log cabin (or shed, or other garden building) you want, and you simply want to get it installed, think about using our base preparation service. It’s a cost-effective and very practical way of getting the job done, and one that ensures your base is ready to receive the garden building you have in mind.

It’s easy to book our Concrete Base Preparation Service, which includes a pre-consultation and assessment prior to visiting your property. It’s also the ideal way to make sure the job is done correctly, and you don’t have the hassle, worries or concerns of trying to do it all on your own.

Investing in a log cabin is just that – an investment. The last thing you’d want when installing it is to find the base you laid for it isn’t good enough. That won’t happen if you get the pros in to lay the base for you, so you can get on with arranging delivery of your log cabin.

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